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Welcome to Halfdeck Consulting.  Right now this site is my little playground, but that’s likely to change soon.  The main site is just a simple skin that I made some minor modifications to and the blog skin is free template that I saw and liked because of it’s minimal design.

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on photoshop tutorials but I’ve also started working on PSD (photoshop designs) to HTML as well.  Since the skin of the main site right now is pure HTML I’ve decided to play around with Cake PHP so I’m in the process of installing it on the server and learning how to make a template out of this site.

I had installed a Joomla template on the site last year and while I still like the design, I’ve grown to understand the flexibility of working with PHP and other custom template systems.  It’s not that I don’t like Word Press or Joomla and for many businesses customizing one of those platforms is enough, but there aren’t a ton of corporate sites that are running just Word Press or Joomla.  I have several blog based sites and I know I will have more in the future but sometimes a site owner feels like they need something more.  Anyway, I know this site can use improvements – watch how far and fast I can take this.

Future plans for this site:

  • Wider size
  • Complete custom site that is template based
  • Blog that matches the rest of the site
  • Forum area
  • Large portfolio area of completed designs
  • Product pages

While both Halfdeck and I are more interested in working on our own sites right now but if you are interested in working with us,  let us know.   We’re picky about who we work with but we are available when the right projects come along.


Batcoder is partners with Halfdeck on all aspects of this site. While Half has several more years of web development experience, Batcoder has 3+ years webmastering a successful real estate site and a keen understanding of SEO strategies as well as a growing knowledge of web development and design. She strongly believes that site owners should play an active role in all aspects of web development and not overpay for this info.

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