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Batcoder is partners with Halfdeck on all aspects of this site. While Half has several more years of web development experience, Batcoder has 3+ years webmastering a successful real estate site and a keen understanding of SEO strategies as well as a growing knowledge of web development and design. She strongly believes that site owners should play an active role in all aspects of web development and not overpay for this info.

Moving from html to a template site

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So Halfdeck and I are using this as a test site for me, I built the main part of Halfdeck consulting just using HTML and CSS.  One of the reasons platforms like Word Press are so popular is that  the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Halfdeck Consulting.  Right now this site is my little playground, but that’s likely to change soon.  The main site is just a simple skin that I made some minor modifications to and the blog skin is free template … Continue reading

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